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About Us

Panacea shares stories of healing.  With so much pain and suffering in our current world, stories of healing can bring inspiration to so many.

Our media has such a profound impact on our lives.  

So much of our current media creates anger, fear, anxiety, division and hatred. News, social media, movies, music, TV shows.  What if this same media was used to create healing, love, understanding and human connection?

Our growing community on Instagram is a positive place for people to go for inspiration, to be heard and to encourage others in their healing process.  

We are filmmakers, mental health professionals, mediators, community leaders, and social media influencers who help share stories around healing.

Check out our first big story seen across Baltimore and see the community responses.  Want to be a part?  Sign up for our newsletter below, donate or contact us directly.

How Can You Help?

Watching our series and sharing with your family, friends, and community is the greatest way to help make change. Follow us on social media. Never miss a story.

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