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The side of the story after the pain and the trauma -- the process towards healing.  Our videos focus on themes of empathy, forgiveness, healing and understanding through dialogue.  Baltimore has been in desperate need of a new narrative for decades and Panacea is capturing it on camera.  Join us!


Homicides recorded for 2020


Residents currently incarcerated


Living below 



Living with mental health conditions

Solving the Problem

The other solutions haven't fixed things -- Let's try changing the narrative. The people of Baltimore wake up every morning to see in the news "Who got shot...who hurt who".  This narrative that they see only adds fuel to the flame.


There are so many inspiring stories in Baltimore that aren't being told or seen.  Panacea is shining a light on these stories...The stories of healing and transformation that are taking place that can provide hope and inspiration to others out there that need it.   

"The storyteller is the most powerful person in the world.  The storyteller sets the values, vision, and agenda for future generations." -- Steve Jobs

A Time for Healing

Baltimore Humanized is a video series being produced by Panacea. The series features every day people who are confronting their pain and trauma head on. 


In life, it's often the people on the other side of our pain who can bring us the greatest healing.


Deep, relatable and transformative stories that capture the genuine emotion of people across the city and provide inspiration to others to find healing and transformation within themselves.  The world needs healing and the time is now.  What better place to start than Baltimore.


Watching our series and sharing with your family, friends, and community is the greatest way to help make change. Sign up for updates & follow us on social media. Never miss a story.

See What the City is Saying

The media Panacea has been producing and publishing has reached the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people across Baltimore. Hear what they have to say.

Get to Know Us

We are just regular people who believe that great stories shouldn't exist in a bubble. These stories are helping empathy, dialogue, forgiveness and healing become mainstream.

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