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Our History

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Daniel launched Panacea when he saw the way our media was effecting our culture.  So much of our media creates fear, hatred, anger, division and anxiety.  He observed the way people were being dehumanized in the media and the lack of dialogue, compassion, forgiveness and inspiring stories of healing.

In 2016, a fight at a political rally was caught on camera and seen all across the country. The media spread this video and further inflamed and divided the two men, John McGraw & Rakeem Jones. Disturbed by the outcome, Daniel reached out to the two men and offered them an opportunity to dialogue. After they spoke, their whole story—their relationship—changed.  A few weeks later, standing in a courtroom, they hugged. Tears in his eyes, John said, "you and me need to help heal our country." Panacea was born.

We then looked across the landscape and saw the need for more healing and dialogue.  We chose to begin in Baltimore, a place that has experienced so much pain for so many years.  Realizing the power of media, in 2018, we released our first Baltimore-based story.  Darryl Green sat side by side with the man who killed his brother decades ago. This story sent ripples of healing throughout the city.

We continue to share stories of healing across the city. People are being heard, they're taking accountability, and they're forgiving each other. We bring them together and tell their stories. Our online community continues to grow -- the movement continues to grow.

How Can You Help?

Watching our series and sharing with your family, friends, and community is the greatest way to help make change. Follow us on social media. Never miss a story.

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