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COMING SOON: “Baltimore Humanized”

5-part series called “Baltimore Humanized”, filmed on some of the most dangerous parts of the inner-city of Baltimore.

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Unlike stories told in the famous TV show “The Wire”, the focus here are on stories of forgiveness, empathy, dialogue, and solving conflicts peacefully.

In a sea of violence, there are community leaders, returning citizens, former gang members, and victims of violence who have taken to the streets to fix the community which many of them had a hand in destroying. For most, these streets are their only home, and it's time to help save it by changing the culture.

Started in 2016, Panacea; Media Humanized, has been working to bring together both the offenders and the victims of their violence. To sit down for dialogue, to facilitate reconciliation, all at the same time, in front of a camera in order that these stories are broadcasted to others who can take inspiration from it with the intent of healing. 

Films in the past included Darryl Green sitting next to the man who killed his brother, for forgiveness, rival gang members who sat in the same room counting up 30 bullet holes inflicted by each other during a 20 year gang war, and film’s highlighting individual stories of pain, trauma, forgiveness, and peace.


“Baltimore Humanized” 5-Part series is set to go into production this Spring. 

Through this series, Panacea aims to overshadow the violent and negative media with positive stories.

Panacea believes that stories on the streets of Baltimore today of hope, empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness should not remain in a bubble, but instead should be broadcasted throughout the city, country, and world in order to influence others who can relate on a deep and personal level. 


We have seen that there are no clear answers through law enforcement as illustrated through the Police Commissioner of Baltimore Michael Harrison who said “The challenging thing is, we are fighting against a culture. But the ask is, how do you stop them from doing that?”


Panacea agrees and believes that the solution does lie in changing the culture from within. But how? Panacea sees that part of the solution is to film, produce, and highlight those people on the ground who are making a positive impact. 


Steve Jobs once said, "The storyteller is the most powerful person in the world.  The storyteller sets the values, vision, and agenda for future generations." 


Loretta Blackledge, a Baltimore resident who lost her son in 2006 cried every night for 10 years and suffered deeply.  In 2017, she heard community leader Darryl Green share his own story of forgiveness towards the man who killed his own brother. Through the telling of this story, Loretta became aware of an alternative mindset of forgiveness which led to tremendous healing.  As one of the many stories of the 5-part series, “Baltimore Humanized”, she is set to visit a prison to sit down on camera to forgive the man who killed her son.  


Loretta is just one of many people directly affected by the positive media being produced by Panacea. In 2019 with very little capital investment, Panacea’s videos were cross shared and attracted more than 500,000 views on social media, thousands of comments, engagements, and amazing comments. We know that the power of the story is so inspiring and life-changing, for the people all across Baltimore, and the world, who have been impacted by violence and have been carrying so much pain and trauma. Imagine how much healing and transformation we can provide by sharing these stories to even broader audiences


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